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Treat Yourself to a Healing Yoga Class in Mobile, Alabama

Life as a college student is just as stressful as it is fun. Taking time to treat yourself is important, and yoga classes are an excellent way to calm your mind and heal your body. These top yoga classes are only a short drive from Traditions at South, our comfortable University of Alabama housing accommodations. 

Above and Beyond: Yoga and Salt Therapy

If you're looking for a place to attend yoga classes and indulge in some alternative healing therapies, then Above and Beyond is the perfect place for you! This wellness center offers several yoga classes ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced, and their Luxurious Himalayan Salt Room is the perfect place to relax and let your body heal.  Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, involves breathing in tiny particles of salt to help with your respiration. This can help you get over a cold, remove pollen particles from your airways, strengthen your immune system, and more!

Sterling Hot Yoga & Wellness

Sterling Hot Yoga & Wellness offers a range of yoga classes for anyone in the Mobile, Alabama, area. They offer Original Hot Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow classes. Each class starts at a beginner level, so you're guaranteed to enter a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. These classes will help you improve your physical strength and flexibility while healing your mind and regulating your emotions.

Village Yoga

Village Yoga is a relatively new center offering yoga classes in Mobile. They just celebrated their second birthday on November 16, 2022, and they're always looking for more students to join them because it takes a village to stay healthy! Village Yoga offers different classes, Yoga Retreats, a Fall Cleanse, and more!

Mobile is an exciting town filled with fun activities and amazing southern food. If you're stressed from school, work, friends, or anything in life, yoga classes are a great place to relax and heal. Start your relaxation every morning in our beautiful Traditions at South apartments. Contact us today to take a look at our floor plans and find your perfect accommodations.

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