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3 Places to Observe Wildlife in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama's climate is an ideal place for certain flora and fauna to thrive. From elusive alligators to enchanting birds soaring through the sky--Alabama is home to some pretty majestic creatures. If you're looking for a true southern adventure, our apartments near the University of South Alabama are in proximity to some pretty spectacular landscapes and wildlife.

The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta

This delta isn't referred to as "America's Amazon" because of its simplistic landscape. It is called this due to being comprised of swamps, marshes, bogs, wetlands, and a biodiverse ecosystem full of wildlife you only see in movies. There are various trails, boat tours, and kayaking opportunities to explore this 48,000-acre wonderland of wilderness.

Historic Blakeley State Park

If you'd like to explore the delta area in a more organized fashion, Historic Blakeley State Park offers an abundance of opportunities. Just a twenty-minute drive across the bay, nature enthusiasts will find plenty to do and see. There's camping, horseback riding, and twenty miles of biking and hiking trails. Here you'll find alligators, turtles, eagles, pelicans, and many other animals in their element.

Alligator Alley

If you're looking to view these fascinating creatures in a more controlled environment, Alligator Alley will provide just that. It is an alligator sanctuary that houses over 600 alligators who are cared for by their friendly and experienced staff. Here you'll learn everything there is to know about these large reptiles and if you're lucky, you'll arrive during feeding time where you can help the staff give them their meal. 

Our apartments in Mobile, Alabama are at the center of all things entertaining--from nature outings to amazing restaurants serving local dishes. Call Traditions at South today to schedule a tour and to hear all about our wonderful community and what the area has to offer. 

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